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Dr. James Saeli practiced in the Raleigh and Durham for over 20 years. The following 5 Star Chiropractic reviews were from Dr. Saeli's previous practice in Durham, NC, Carolina Head & Spine Clinic of Chiropractic .

  • Excellent evaluation and care by Dr. Saeli and his staff.
    Joanne B. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • I used to get headaches all the time and Dr. Saeli has helped me a lot.
    Tino Q. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • From my very first visit until the last one, I was treated as if I were very special to them. I was helped beyond belief.
    Charles L. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • I recommend Dr. Saeli and his team to EVERYONE! The practice is AMAZING.
    Renita W. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • I thought I just had to pull up my big boy britches and deal with (my pain) on a constant basis. I have been pain-free for nearly three years now.
    Michael M. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • My jaw did not seem to seat just right. Something always felt off.  I would tell my dentist and she would grind a couple of teeth. After (Dr. Saeli’s) adjustments, it is perfect now.
    Pat C. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • I had vertigo for several years, (and) sometimes it would last for days. His adjustment did not make me sick, was very easy and the vertigo has not returned.
    Pat C. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • Visit them, and you will never regret it!
    Butch T. | Facebook comment
  • A renewed sense of hope, I actually feel as if I have been given my life back.
    Mary Jo G | Headache and Neck Pain Review
  • The headaches became less frequent and finally went away altogether.
    Robert F. | Headache Relief Reviews
  • I heard about Dr Saeli, but figured if modern medicine couldn’t help me, what could a chiropractor do? I got the first full night’s sleep in a long time.
    Richie M. | Durham Chiropractor Review
  • I quit taking painkillers – permanently.
    Christie S. | Migraine Therapy Review
  • It took a few months before my migraines started to disappear, but I haven’t had one in about 3 1/2 years.
    Laura S. | Migraine Treatment Reviews
  • At first, I was skeptical…Now, my headaches are virtually gone.
    Krista K. | Durham Chiropractic Care Reviews
  • What a great feeling to go to sleep and not wake up with a migraine.
    David W. | Migraine Pain Relief Reviews
  • I didn’t want to continue to take the medications due to the side effects, so I would often suffer silently, and I was getting sick of it.
    Gladys L. | Migraine Headache Chiropractor Review
  • …have not had to return to the ER!
    Bernard W. | Migraine Doctor Reviews Durham NC
  • Dr. Saeli always listens… He never makes you feel like it is “all in your head…
    Noelle J. | Migraine Headache Treatment Review
  • …the daily neck pain has disappeared.
    Jodie M. | Neck Pain Treatment Review
  • I have been given different medications for migraines, but who wants to take that every day?
    Lisa M. | Headache Pain Management Review
  • I needed more than what medications could do.
    Sue C. | Chiropractor Reviews Durham NC
  • Dr. Saeli did help me, cared when no one else did, and set me on a new path…
    Nickolas S. | Chiropractor Reviews Durham NC
  • Dr. James Saeli was a life changer for me. I was in chronic pain in my back and neck. I was told I needed to have my discs in my back fused by several doctors. I underwent multiple injections that temporarily relieved the pain but sadly it always came back. I tried Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage along with several other Chiropractors. I met Dr. Saeli and he talked me into giving him a chance and I am so thankful he did. I am now active and for the most part pain free. What a feeling! If you have back and/or neck issues then you know how I feel. Thank you Dr. Saeli and your staff!
    Rollie O | Linked In