knee joint painFinally…. Relief for Chronic Knee Pain


Frequent and chronic knee pain impacts about 25% of adults. If you are among them, you know that it limits mobility, impairs functionality, and can lower your quality of life. Activities you once took for granted become difficult - or impossible. For some, it means giving up their weekend basketball league, sitting out on pickup games, or having to stop running. For others, it means finding it challenging to complete routine daily tasks, such as climbing up and down stairs or even walking around at work. If you have tried routine treatments - and they have failed you - Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic can help.


Guaranteed Results: Experience Immediate Relief


Living with knee pain is excruciating, and we turn to surgery, to drugs, and to injections in order to return to a state approaching “normal.” And sometimes these routes do not yield results. If you cannot live pain-free or enjoy a reasonably active life, knee compression therapy may be the solution for which you have been searching.


Knee compression therapy is a safe, effective option that utilizes the latest technology. Leveraging advanced knowledge and training on knee health and function, this approach can help you avoid knee replacement surgery, highly addictive drugs, and ongoing injections. In fact, 95% of our patients notice relief immediately upon their first treatment. If you do not experience these results after your trial treatment, we won’t accept you as a patient for this particular method.


Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic’s expert knee compression therapy can help alleviate pain associated with chronic knee issues, osteoarthritis, ACL injuries, sub-acute muscle strain, meniscus tears, advanced degeneration and decay, chronic muscle strain, previous injuries, and even failed surgery.


If you have been living with chronic knee pain and want to reclaim your life - and get back to the activities you want and need to do - contact Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic. Relief is within sight.