Health Screenings for Individuals and Groups in Elkin NCHow do you know if you’re healthy? Is it how you eat? Is it how often and hard you exercise? Is it how you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you compare your answers to these questions to others? Maybe you feel like you cannot seem to meet your health goals. You might feel like you are doing all the right things and yet you still cannot seem to get the results you desire. Here in Elkin, if you want to know whether you are on the right path to overall health and wellness, Beth EL Wellness can help.

We provide the Elkin area with comprehensive health screenings and advice to reach your goals. We can help individuals, employers, and church groups monitor and improve their health.

Health Screenings for Individuals and Groups in Elkin NC

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, fixing a problem with your health is considerably more difficult than preventing the issues in the first place. That is where Beth EL Wellness health screenings can help. 

Health and Stress screenings can help identify the clearest path to improved health and wellness. Our screenings identify problems and potential concerns that require attention in a way no medication can repair or prevent. You can often find us at Health Fairs and community events. We like to meet people where they are, outside of the office, with advice that can change lives.

In addition, Dr. Saeli teaches workshops in a variety of venues, helping people learn how to optimize their health, based on their actual DNA design.

If your Church, group or office wants to arrange a health screening, or workshop (“Lunch & Learn”) with a powerful and relevant message, contact us today (336) 258-8889 to check availability and date(s). We are here to help you get healthy in Elkin.