Lifestyle and Therapeutic Nutrition Strategies Your body is your Temple… but how easy is it to disregard it’s upkeep and needed maintenance?  And before you know it, your temple has fallen into disrepair -- or even into ruin.  

At Beth EL you are shown how to “Take control of your health, before your health takes control of you”.  Attend workshops teaching a Path, or a plan, consisting of a set of strategies to keep you moving away from Sickness and towards Wellness.

WHY?  If your health goals include weight loss, improved body composition (“leaner”), better sustained energy, better sleep, becoming stronger and more Resilient to sickness, this workshop series is for you.

Break a “Generational Curse” - If your health challenges include battling an illness or a condition that “runs in your family”, you need to learn what is taught here. We believe God did not design your body to be sick, but he did design us to choose. You’ll learn how your choices will empower you to draw a line in the sand, and change not only your own health, but that of your family and future generations as well.

Please call us at our Elkin, NC-based office at (336) 258-8889 if you have any questions!