What You Need to Know About Children's Chiropractic in ElkinAs parents, we all want our children to grow, play, learn, and thrive as they navigate the world around them. And we want them to have the healthiest bodies (and minds) possible to help them do it with joy and curiosity. Whether your child is coping with chronic pain, illness, injury, or congenital or acquired disease, watching them struggle is surely the hardest part of being a parent. Our goal at Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic is to safely and proactively address concerns, prevent illness, and/or enhance the overall wellness of your child.

What You Need to Know About Children's Chiropractic in Elkin

The Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic team is extensively trained in pediatric chiropractic care - a must as children’s bodies are significantly different from adults. Techniques, application of force, and contact points must be carefully adjusted to prevent adverse effects and to ensure maximum benefit for your child.

Chiropractic care has been shown to result in a number of benefits, including improved respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive health, strengthened immune systems, pain relief, enhanced mobility and range of motion, and more. Many children who receive chiropractic care deal with musculoskeletal conditions, but others are living with asthma, persistent headaches, chronic ear infections, and other issues. Gentle, safe chiropractic care is an effective, noninvasive, and non-drug treatment option that can provide relief and enhance quality of life. Contact us for more information about chiropractic care for children.


At Beth El Wellness & Chiropractic, our goal is and always has been, to deliver care that is safe and that restores health and hope. When it comes to the most important person in your life - your child - we strive to create a welcoming, positive environment that puts our youngest clients at ease.


If you have been exploring chiropractic care for your child, please contact us today. We are happy to discuss our services, answer any of your questions, and get started on a journey to greater health and wellness.