Six Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Get Outdoors

Six Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Get Outdoors

Few small towns have the level of food, art, and culture that Elkin has. With a renovated local theater, world-class restaurants, pleasant walking, and sitting areas, and fascinating art, the downtown area is vibrant and bustling with plenty for residents and tourists. Situated in the foothills of western North Carolina, natural beauty surrounds our town’s rolling hills that provide the perfect vantage for viewing sunsets over the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains.

Autumn is approaching slowly this year with temperatures still in the 80s here in the foothills, but soon the landscape will transform into a fantastic display of color. Fall is the perfect time to get outside in Surry County. In this post, we will discuss six reasons why autumn is the season to start or continue your wellness plan by enjoying the great outdoors.

1) Fall Has the Perfect Temperatures

The foothills are noticeably cooler during the summer than the Triad and Charlotte; however, we still experience temperatures well into the 90s, with average highs in the mid-80s through June and July. But in September, the high temperature in Elkin is less than 80 and by October it is down to 70-degrees. Fall is warm, but not too hot, with cool mornings that are not yet frigid. That means you can still enjoy kayaking and tubing, but you do not sweat as much on your morning job or afternoon hike. Temperatures in Fall are perfect for enjoying the greenways, rivers, and mountain biking trails.

2) Fall is Perfect for Camping

It is just too hot to even think about sleeping in a tent in July and August, but by late September and October, the thought of sleeping under the stars and waking up in a sleeping bag is too tempting. With drier weather and lower humidity, clear starry skies are also a sure bet for those camping in a hammock. Nearby Stone Mountain is a great place to pitch a tent or park a camper for a weekend.

3) Fall Colors are Remarkable

Just half an hour from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Elkin is the best place to enjoy fall colors. We basically get the benefit of two autumns. We can take the short drive up to the mountains and see the colors on the ridges at and above 3000-feet in elevation first, usually by early and mid-October. Then at our elevation in the foothills, we can have vibrant colors through early to mid-November.

4) Fall Evenings are Unbeatable

With the ground still warm from summer, cooler temperatures make for great outdoor sitting in the Elkin area, enjoying a number of activities including:

  • Grilling and cookouts
  • Building bonfires
  • Making smores
  • Listening to the Big Warrior Creek or Yadkin River
  • Watching the stars as the trees shed their leaves
  • Watching for deer and other wildlife

5) Fall Sports are Back

In western North Carolina, football is a weekend tradition. Families in Elkin may attend football games Friday night, Saturday, and even Sunday. Accompanying watching football may be tailgating and even throwing together a quick game of touch. Football and fall are synonymous.

6) All Seasons are Made for Health and Wellness

We are fortunate to live in an area of such natural beauty, comfortable temperatures, and friendly people. When you want to improve your health and wellness, you can count on your Elkin neighbors and family to motivate and even join you. Whether its fall or spring, summer or winter, every season is a great time to get outdoors in our area.

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