How Visiting the Chiropractor Improves Your Health

How Visiting the Chiropractor Improves Your Health

Elkin is a great place in which to live. In the foothills of North Carolina, the temperature is often several degrees cooler than Winston-Salem and Charlotte, but warmer in the winter than mountain towns like Boone and Sparta. We have beautiful views of the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, and the Yadkin River separating downtown Elkin from Jonesville. Mountain biking, cycling and jogging on the greenways, and watersports like kayaking and tubing are popular pastimes in our area.

Elkin is an outdoor city with increasing awareness about health and wellness. Who doesn’t want to be healthier? Nevertheless, if you do want to improve your overall wellness, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. In this post, we are discussing how chiropractic care fits with your overall plan for health and wellness.

Spinal Health is Key to Wellness

Chiropractic care developed as a natural means to recover from the pain and other ailments. The health of your spine impacts your entire body. If your spine is out of alignment, it can create a domino effect leading to pain beyond your back, headaches, sinus trouble, and other issues that make improving your overall health and wellness difficult.

Chiropractors are primary care physicians, medically trained and licensed to manipulate your spine, correct alignment issues, and help you get healthier. When your spine is properly aligned, it can have a profound impact on other parts of your body’s systems.

Reducing Pain Helps Increase Activity

One of the barriers between you and improved wellness may be chronic pain and its impact on your ability and motivation to exercise. It may be lingering pain from an automobile or work accident, a sports injury that never fully healed, poor posture, or you may not even know what caused it. You may have found that over-the-counter or prescription medication has stopped working or never really helped at all.

Chiropractic care can help significantly reduce back, neck, and joint pain. When you feel better, you will likely be more motivated and capable of exercise.

Chiropractors and Nutrition Go Hand-in-Hand

At Beth EL Wellness and Chiropractic, we remind people that your body is your temple. If you are seeking chiropractic care to feel better and get healthier, naturally you will want to maximize your efforts by practicing proper nutrition techniques. We offer extensive advice on improving nutrition as a means to overall positive health and wellness.

How Beth EL Helps Improve Your Health and Wellness

Earlier in this article, we mentioned the domino effect spinal alignment issues can have on your overall health and wellness. The same is true for utilizing chiropractic care – it can have a positive domino effect:

  • Domino One: Your spinal alignment is being corrected.
  • Domino Two: Improved spinal health leads to relief from pain and other ailments.
  • Domino Three: Reduced pain leads to increased exercise motivation and activity.
    • Step 3.5: Allergy relief also prompts you to get outdoors more often.
  • Step Four: Increased activity further improves your spinal health and physical condition, helping you find the strength and motivation to exercise even more rigorously.
  • Domino Five: Improved physical health makes you feel more positive about life, motivating you to improve your nutritional habits.
  • Domino Six: You eat better, feel better, and your overall health and wellness are improved significantly.
  • Domino Seven: You continue visiting Beth EL Wellness and Chiropractic, improve your spinal health, feel even better, and the dominos continue falling for the better.

We have years of experience helping patients improve their overall wellness through chiropractic care, corrective exercises, and nutritional consultation. If you are in the Elkin area and care about your health and wellness, come see us at Beth EL Wellness and Chiropractic.