Recovering from an injury, whether inflicted during an accident, from athletic pursuits, or from other traumas, can be a frustrating journey. It may literally feel like you are taking two steps forward and three steps back at times. If you have not considered chiropractic care as part of your recovery, now is the time to learn how it can benefit you.

While spinal manipulation has been practiced for centuries, it is a relatively “modern” discipline here in the Western world. It has proven to be an effective solution for many people - and for many different health and wellness goals. From pain relief and reinvigoration of the mind and body to improved immune, system, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive health, chiropractic care delivers a wide array of advantages. But is the same true when it comes to children? Can kids benefit from seeing a chiropractor? And is it safe?

Who doesn’t love spring? It feels as if the world is reawakening from a long nap, and we get to enjoy warmer weather, longer days, budding trees, and blooming flowers. Well… some of us get to enjoy all that. For the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a time of runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. Just when we want, and need, to get outside most, many of us avoid the great outdoors to try to manage our symptoms. Is there a better way to beat allergies? You bet! Chiropractic care can improve spring allergies. 

Elkin is a city that celebrates the great outdoors. People enjoy everything from jogging on the greenway to hiking and climbing nearby Stone Mountain. However, back pain from a pinched nerve can leave you sidelined and unable to explore the natural wonders of Surry County and nearby areas. Lingering issues related to pinched nerves can be especially frustrating when it seems like you cannot seem to shake them.

If you have or suspect you have a pinched nerve, you are probably wondering if chiropractic care and other remedies can help you feel relief from your pain. In this article, we will discuss what you can do to get relief from a pinched nerve and whether chiropractic care should be part of the solution. 

Good posture provides a wonderful array of benefits. Could yours use some improvement?

Are you slouched in your desk chair, slumped on the couch, or walking hunched forward? Do you find that your back and shoulders are constantly tense or that you are uncomfortable or in pain? Are your muscles tired or your shoulders rounded? Do you get headaches frequently? These can all be signs of poor posture, and it can have a big impact on your health, wellness, and even mood. The good news is that with a few easy changes and consistency, you can improve your posture - and enjoy the benefits.